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Get out and explore the beautiful Bay Area with this curated collection, from the outdoor experts at Adventures, of local outdoor hikes, walks, and activities. Pair these activities with recommended local Black-owned restaurants and cafes to make a day of it. Packages vary in difficulty and distance from campus and there’s something for everyone.


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Berkeley Hills
Oakland Hills
Oakland Waterfront
Point Richmond
San Ramon
Suisun City
Treasure Island
Walnut Creek
  • a sunset at albany bulb overlooking the san francisco bay with a statue of a person at the foreground. the person is made of found materials and appears to have arms outstretched with palms facing upwards. the person appears to be wearing a long flowing skirt
    Albany Bulb
  • an overhead view of the briones reservoir at sunset. the water appears also silver in the blue and orange light of the evening
    Briones Reservoir
  • a blanket of fog is enveloping the ridge of Claremont Canyon. the trees are still visible and lush green
    Claremont Canyon
  • an overhead view of the salt flats in the south bay of San Francisco. the pools are rectangular and bright pink, with some dark swirls. in the distance is a marsh and the Bay, in the foreground are industrial buildings and a freeway
    Coyote Hills Regional Park
  • a trail lined with redwood trees through Joaquin Miller park. It is foggy but the sun is peeking through.
    Joaquin Miller Park
  • a distant view of the ridges of Las Trampas. the hilltops are covered with dark green trees and shrubs, lower down the flora is a brighter green
    Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
  • a creek bed through Leona Canyon with rounded dark stones
    Leona Canyon
  • a 1857 coast guard overhead map of mare island, color coded to distinguish water from marsh from land
    Mare Island
  • an overhead view of miller knox on a foggy day. the trees and grassed in the foreground are bright green, the richmond bridge is visible in the background, distorted by fog
    Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline
  • overhead view of summit museum and retired beacon as well as surrounding grasses and shrubs, some antennas in the distance
    Mount Diablo
  • a well manicured lawn is spotted with gravestones of many shapes, sizes, and materials at mountain view cemetery. some are large enough to be small buildings
    Mountain View Cemetery
  • Black and White photo of J.M. Heinold's Saloon in 1885
    Oakland Waterfront
  • hillside of sibley volcanic preserve spotted with some darker green shrubs and some antennas on top of one hill
    Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
  • a tree lined trail through strawberry canyon. the leaves are dark green and the grass alongside the wide path is bright green
    Strawberry Canyon
  • several large ships are anchored close together in suisun bay, members of the ghost fleet.
    Suisun Bay & Ghost Fleet
  • an overhead view of Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge from way above. In the background Angel Island and the North Bay are visible
    Treasure Island

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