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Try out the REST Zone at the RSF

Recreation & Wellbeing is excited to partner with students on campus to bring additional rest and relaxation opportunities to the RSF with the incorporation of a REST Zone. REST (Relaxation Enhancing Study & Tranquility) Zones are a student initiative, funded in part by the Wellness Initiative Fee, which outfit student centric areas on campus with furniture and services to help promote sleep and relaxation.

Located on the second floor mezzanine, the RSF zone features three massage chairs, similar to those available at the Tang Center. The chairs provide 15-minute massages – with techniques including tapping, kneading and shiatsu – on a first-come, first-served basis.

For a complete list of REST Zones on campus, click here.

Serving over 5,000 students and campus community members each day, the RSF is an ideal spot for a REST Zone. Recreational Sports is committed to providing diverse and holistic wellness opportunities for students and it’s members with such offerings as the Inclusive Recreation program and over 25 mind-body group fitness classes on average per week, including a variety of yoga disciplines, pilates and tai chi.

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